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Friday, July 25, 2014

Gaza literature

Channel 4 News blog on Hamas use of human shields (dated 24/07/2014):

Confirmation from the UNRWA that Hamas have been placing rockets in UNRWA schools (dated 22/07/2014):

Human Rights Watch report on the Hamas criminal justice system (dated 03/10/2012):

Article by Mudar Zahran – the son of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, now himself exiled to the UK on political grounds – blaming Hamas for conditions in Gaza (dated 15/11/2012, but linked to by Zahran on his Twitter feed as recently as 24/07/2014):

Another article by Zahran, describing the plight of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon (dated 01/08/2010):

Minority Rights Group on Palestinians in Jordan (although technically, Palestinians are the majority):

The latter two articles are included to illustrate that genuine concern for Palestinians from the rest of the Arab world is limited at best. Anything masquerading as such tends to be unrelated anti-Israel sentiment, with the potential to distort how the crisis is perceived in the West.