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Monday, May 11, 2009

You know what I hate about life?

I hate seeing something I really, really want and knowing I'll never have it, like... like Taylor Swift. Or someone like Taylor Swift. I dunno, I felt like this wasn't as pathetic as just that when I started writing it, but now I'm struggling to move past it, maybe it is. I just hate the idea that there are people out there with incredibly glamorous lifestyles and I'm not one of them; I'll probably never be one of them. Or even just one of the people sitting in the park with a load of friends, always with somewhere to go or someone to call. Is it wrong not being able to handle that? Or is that just ambition? I get so frustrated, like I want to tear the whole fabric of my life apart. Even when I'm feeling relatively contented, some reminder of the life I don't have comes along, and boom, I'm back on the edge and wanting to throw myself off it. Do I need therapy for that? Does anyone want to give me online therapy?