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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I had an awesome dream last night

There was this really hot girl in a club with her friend, trying to help her friend find a guy. I was kind of eavesdropping, to see if either of them picked me out, which they did, then when they shouted out to me, I pretended I didn't know they were talking to me until they got really specific ("Hey you - the guy in the blue top by the door!"), and even then I was like "Who, me?". So I went over there and asked what was going on, even though I knew(!), and the original girl told me that her friend fancied me. But dilemma! I fancied the original, really hot girl. Then she told me she thought I was kind of cute as well (it might have been "hot", but I can't remember - I'm just trying to insert some degree of realism into the situation). But then I decided I quite liked her friend after all, so I told them I'd think about which one I wanted and get back to them in a few days. If only real life could be like that :(