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Sunday, July 25, 2004

From light fittings to deodorant

Everything's fucking up! My light fitting's got 3 sockets - one takes no current (dunno why), so inevitably another one takes too much. So I've got one bulb that won't work at all, and another that just blows, which leaves me with one bulb. One 40W bulb to light a whole fucking room! I think not. So dark :(

Then a few days ago I go to get some anti-perspirant deodorant, but they don't have the one I usually use, so I just get this "Simple" one. Simple? "Shit" would be more appropriate (yeah, there's probably a really witty joke in there, but it's like 1 in the morning). I come out the shower, dry off, put it on... an hour later I'm sweating like a pig and stinking like shit. Seriously, why? Why the fuck do places sell this shit? Never hear of business ethics?!  


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